The Arab Malaysian Chamber of Commerce a nonprofit organization, has an imperative role to play in fostering business relations between Malaysia and The Arab Region by promoting the development of the business, commerce and investment.

The Arab Malaysian Chamber of Commerce was formally inaugurated on March 2011 by The Governor of Malaysia Central Bank, YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz and in the presence of the Ambassadors of all Arab Countries in Malaysia. Including the Head of the Arab Diplomatic Cord, H.E Nasser Salman Nasser AlAboudi Ambassador of UAE and H.E Mohammed Reda Hussein Abu Al-Hamaye Ambassador of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as a participation of All Excellences, the Ambassadors of The Arab countries in Malaysia, together with VIPs of the National and International Organizations, Banks, Associations and The Commercial Counselors and Ministers of all Arab Embassies in Malaysia.

Accordingly and in line with role and objectives of the chamber, AMCC takes its  part  to enhance investments in addition to trading between Malaysia and The Arab region, AMCC had carried out plenty of conventions with many delegates from different Arab Countries, Members of the Board of Directors extended a warm welcoming to the Guests from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordon and Egypt.


The guests were given an introduction to the Arab Malaysian Chamber of Commerce’s scope of work and activities and enlighten the basics for starting business and investment in Malaysia and best possible avenues for forming companies.    Assistance were extended including Arabic Translations, arranging Good and reliable matching with Malaysian companies.

In AMCC we work to cultivate closed relations with all Arab Embassies in Malaysia as well as the Trade Offices, who have shown full appreciation and pride to AMCC’s values, principles and its efforts of keeping the mutual economic growth and building further the good understandings and respects among the business communities.

With respect to AMCC’s arrangement for building rapport with the Arab Embassies in Malaysia, Mr. Mr Ihsan S. Al-Shaikh and Puan Amnah Shaari, AMCC Board Members met with Members of The Saudi Arabia Embassy, Oman Embassy, UAE Embassy and Qatar Embassy to develop and maintain the business opportunities between Malaysia and Arab countries, and held a discussion on further strengthening of the bilateral relations, enhancing investment opportunities between the two regions.

Also, AMCC is building great relations with other Chambers of Commerce and Business Organizations in Malaysia and Middle East who have shown a positive admiration to AMCC’s commitments towards the development particularly in the areas of Trade, Services, Education, Truism and Investment between the Arab Countries and Malaysia.

AMCC continued its mission to strengthen ties and get into partnership with Arab Chambers.  A meeting took place in Malaysia with Al-Qasim Chamber of commerce and cooperation between the two chamber members is already taking place.

Also Mr Bahaa Makkawi AMCC vice president paid many visits to Middle East to meet up with several chambers of commerce such as Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Alexandria Chamber of commerce.  Partnership has been agreed and MOU is expected to be signed soon, which will open the possible communication and interactive exchange of information between AMCC members and 10th of thousands of members of the partner Chambers.

Visitors and Business group’s from both regions are interested to discuss further in depth the prospect of partnership, joint ventures and investment opportunities both in Malaysia and in the various Arab member countries.

AMCC starting to launch the membership recently, and it is pleased to offers its members a platform to exchange of information and experience by providing a network of useful business contacts. AMCC helps Arab businessmen and companies to find the right business partners in Malaysia, and we direct the both sides companies to the right contacts in Malaysia.

In AMCC we invite our Members to events, where you can listen to experts on various issues of direct relevance to your business and where you have an excellent opportunity to network.

AMCC also encourage companies and individuals with an interest in trade between Malaysia and Middle East and who has not yet joined to apply for AMCC

AMCC welcoming joining more new Members, it will also be a great way to meet with Malaysian business people you have heard about but have never had a chance to meet. AMCC hopes that various great business opportunities will successfully take place.

Finally, AMCC would like to take this opportunity to share Ramadan Greetings and express sincere wishes to Muslims and hope all AMCC’s members, friends, and families enjoyed a peaceful and joyful of the Holly month Ramadan 2011.  As the AMCC gears up for another successful year, it appreciates everyone who helped to achieve its role in promoting business between Malaysia and Arab countries.