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1)      Can I set up 100% foreign company? Yes, you can own 100% and you can be the director as well. You can choose to work or just as a director/non active. 2)      What is the paid up/capital investment for 100% foreign company? Only if you wish to work as an executive person in your own company, you need to have RM500K paid up capital. If you are in retail and trading you need RM 1 Million. If you hire 100% Malaysian, your paid up is only RM2. 3)      If I have my own company, how long can I work in Malaysian under my own company. Technically forever, but you need to renew your work permit every 2 to 3  to 5 years/depending on the industry you are in. 4)      Can I bring my family? You can bring your spouse or your common law spouse as well.  Your children below 18 can be your dependent. 5)      Can I bring my elderly parents? Yes. 6)      Is there any tax free status company/entity? If you are an MSC company, Pioneer Status Industry and OHQ status by the Ministry of Finance, you can get 10 year tax free. You need to be qualified an fulfilled the criteria’s. 7)      How much is the corporate tax? 20% to 25% 8)      Can I stay with my children while they attend school in Malaysia? Yes you can stay with a long social pass to accompany your children.  They normally will have student passes. 9)      Can I bring my maid from my home country? Normally yes. 10)   I have MM2H , can I work?  The government allow you to work min 20 hours a week/provided we received consent from government.  The work place must be approved by the government.  Normally, these are government endorsed agencies such as public schools, government hospitals, NGO and many more.  Yes, you can earn income. 11)   I am under MM2H, Can I open a company and invest? Yes you can.  You can open many companies. 12)   Can I buy properties in Malaysia and is there any restrictions? No restriction at all.  You can own it 100%.  Under MM2H, you can own properties which are 150K/low costs value if you wish. You can own as many properties you like. 13)   If I buy property in Malaysia, will the government give me a PR status? Unfortunately not at the moment.  However, you can lease it out as you wish. 14)   I am not sure if I like Malaysia, how can I research Malaysia and stay for a year to check viability of business? There is an entity call Regional Office and Representative office, you can just register your overseas company here and thus able to open a full pledge research company and have a work permit here.  No audit is required yearly as this is non-billable/no invoice will be raise from this entity.


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