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As one of the most respected providers of immigration and visa services in Malaysia, it only makes sense that we would partner with some of the world’s leading immigration experts. So if you are sending your local staff or relocating existing employees to another posting, Beyond Can assist you through our network of partners. Moving services The coordination of door to door moving services be it inbound or out, we will coordinate the appointments, pre-move survey, quotation, acceptance of quote on your behalf as well as ensure accuracy of all invoicing and finally arrange feedback from your employee to ensure not only that your company is getting value for money but your employees receives the best possible service available to them. Home Search Taking into consideration your company policy whilst at the same time doing everything possible to find the perfect home for your employee, we will work with our limited number of agents to pre-select the right properties as provided in the needs analysis. We are more than willing to include your existing vendors to work with us to keep the searching as productive as possible. Look see and Orientation program In the ideal situation all potential expatriate employees and their families would benefit from an orientation program, should it be before deciding on the assignment or on arrival into Malaysia. However, for various reasons it is not always practical for potential employees and their families to conduct these programs so we can provide the most cost and time effective program to suit your needs. Additional Services we provide include:

  • Door to door moving services coordination
  • Accommodation types and area, Home Search
  • Office and commercial property search
  • Schooling
  • Shopping
  • Medical facilities
  • Transport
  • Banking
  • Bank loans up to 90%
  • Domestic help
  • Child care
  • International chambers and Associations
  • Briefing on Visa/immigration and spouse employment policy and options available
  • Insurance Planning
  • Factory Set up
  • Restaurant Set up
  • Medical Insurance assistance
  • Export & Import Business in Taxable and Free Tax Port areas

We also provide other services such as Immigration Malaysia, Malaysia My Second Home, Accounting Malaysia, Company Registration Malaysia, Business Registration Malaysia, Payroll in Malaysia. Call us now +603-21818383 or visit our website for more information!