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For foreign nationals who remain employed by the company in the home country but are required by a Malaysian company to provide certain services for a period up to 12 months

Visitor’s Pass (Professional)

Issued to a foreigner who hold acceptable professional qualifications or specialist skills and enter Malaysia to take up professional work for short term period not exceeding twelve (12) month. Applicant must be outside Malaysia at the time of application.

A. Expert/Volunteer

1. Category:-

  1. Advisor to the government
  2. Professor/Lecturer/Speaker
  3. Researcher/Assistant Researcher
  4. Consultant
  5. Technical Advisor
  6. Jockey
  7. Volunteer
  8. Installation and Fixing of Machines and equipment expert
  9. Maintenance expert of Machines and equipment
  10. External Auditor
  11. Fellow
  12. Expert in any specific field approved by the Director General of Immigration Malaysia.

2. Required Documents:-

  1. Letter of Authority
  2. Application Letter from sponsor
  3. Form 12
  4. Form IMM 38
  5. 2 recent passport size photographs
  6. Personal Bond
  7. Letter of acceptance
  8. Photocopy of Passport
  9. Training schedule
  10. Photocopy of academic certificate
  11. Photocopy of company’s registration Form( certified copy of Form9, 24, and 49)
  12. Company profile
  13. Invoices and proof of purchase for machines and equipment
  14. Locality plan

3. If relevant:

  1. Letter from the Economic Planning Unit (Independent Research)
  2. Recommendation Letter from the National Sport Council for coaches
  3. Recommendation Letter from the Malayan Racing Association, Malaysia Jockey Association- Selangor, Perak and Penang
  4. Recommendation Letter from the Welfare Department

Note: All applications must be in DUPLICATE.

4. Fees

  1. Visitor’s Pass (Professional) RM90.00
  2. Visa – refer to visa fees table

Note: The application for a Visitor’s Pass (Professional) for a period not exceeding  six  (6) months can be submitted to the nearest Immigration Office, for the following categories:

  1. Installation of machines
  2. Maintenance of machines
  3. Repairing of machines
  4. Installation of new product on the existing machine
  5. Providing/conducting training
  6. Attending training at a Factory or Hotel

B. Artistes

1. Category:

i.  Stage Artiste – singer, musician, dancer, concert, theatre, circus, acrobatic, silat,, magician and opera(Buddhist, Hindu, and others)

ii.  Non-Artiste – stage management and screen play filming activities – documentary, interview, fiction, entertainment, commercial advertisement or any other related filming activities of any foreign film production company in Malaysia.

iii.  Live Performance/Shows – in hotels, entertainment outlets, Trade Centre, Cultural Centre, Stadium and other suitable places.

iv.  Promotional Activities by artiste – indoor or outdoor performance, album and film promotions and product promotion excluding alcohol and tobacco products.

2. Application Procedures for Stage/Film Agencies

  1. Letter of Approval from FINAS
  2. Application Letter from sponsor
  3. Form 12
  4. Form IMM 38
  5. 2 recent passport size photographs
  6. Personal Bond
  7. Letter of acceptance
  8. Photocopy of Passport
  9. Photocopy of company’s registration Form ( certified copies of Form 9, 24, and 49)

Note: All applications must be submitted in TRIPLICATE

3. Fees

No. Category Fee(RM)
1. Artiste 500.00
2. Musician 500.00
3. Concert 500.00
4. Charity concert 500.00
5. Orchestra 500.00
6. Cultural Exchange Gratis
7. Album promotion 500.00
8. Collaboration programme 90.00
9. Cosmetic programme 90.00
10. Food promotion 90.00
11. Film promotion 90.00
12. Opera 90.00
13. Magic show 90.00
14. Circus 90.00
15. Acrobatic acts 90.00

C. Missionary / Other Religions

1. Category:

  1.     Gurukkals
  2.     Priest
  3.     Monk
  4.     Dharma Teacher
  5.     Religious Sculptors
  6.     Religious Musicians
  7.     Granthis in Temples

2. Conditions:

  1.     Applications must be submitted by the Employer / Sponsor / church / temple / gudwara / shrine at least 1 month in advance.
  2.     Aged 40 years old and over for Gurukkals, Granthis, Dharma teachers and priests
  3.     Aged 35 years old and over for religious musicians
  4.     Aged 30 years old and over for religious sculptors

3. Required Documents:-

  1.     Application Letter from sponsor / church / temple / gudwara / shrine
  2.    Supporting Letter from the Malaysia Hindu Sangam, the Malaysia Buddhist Society, the Malaysia Youth Buddhist Society, the Malaysia Gudwara Council, or the Ministry of Human Resource
  3.      Form 12
  4.      Form IMM 38
  5.     2 recent passport size photographs
  6.     Personal Bond
  7.     Photocopy of Passport
  8.     List of Committee Members (name, position held in the committee, profession, identification card, address and signature)
  9.      Local newspaper advertisement
  10.     Locality plan
  11.     Photocopy of land title
  12.     Certified approval of the Letter to build / renovate the temple from the local authority
  13.     Recent temple photograph
  14.     Name list of recent local and foreign workers
  15.     Certified copy of the Registrar of Society
  16.     Financial statement
  17.     Supporting letter from a certified architect regarding the sculpture work
  18.     Work progress proposal for sculpture work

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