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The spouse and children of an expatriate who has been granted a work permit can stay in this country during the duration of his/her employment.

Legal spouse and children
The application for the Dependant Pass will have to be supported by a copy of the marriage certificate and birth certificate of each of the children respectively. Original documents are required for sighting by the Immigration authorities. Expatriates travelling to this country are advised to bring along all such necessary documents. A spouse holding a Dependant Pass is not permitted to work. Where a spouse wishes to work, a separate work permit must be applied for.

Children from previous marriage(s)
Where dependant passes are required for adopted/step-children/children of spouse from a previous marriage, original letters of adoption or custody are needed to support the said application.

Common Law wife
It is not the policy of The Malaysian Immigration Department to issue a Dependant Pass to a Common Law wife of an expatriate granted a work permit. The authorities would however, consider an application for a Temporary Visit Pass. The said pass may be granted up to 12 months, and is renewable yearly. To support the application a letter from the embassy confirming the status of the Common Law wife would have to be provided with the application.

The children of expatriates enrolled to the schools in Malaysia are required to apply for a Student Pass. A letter of acceptance from the school is required for the application.

Employment/Temporary Employment Pass
An Employment Pass is issued for a work permit application that has been approved for more than 12 months. A Temporary Employment Pass is issued for a work permit application that has been approved for 12 months or less. The said pass is subject to levy charges applicable at the time of the application for the said pass. Levy charges may vary and is subject to change without notice.

Professional Visit Pass
A Professional Visit Pass is granted to visiting professionals for the purpose of conducting training, seminar, etc. This is normally for a brief period of time between one to three months. Applications are made preferably one month before training/work commences. The said personnel should not be in the country while the same is being processed. The local company may pay for food, lodging and airfare of the visiting expatriate but the company overseas pays the remuneration of the visiting expatriate. Before the application can be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department, tax clearance will have to be obtained from the Inland Revenue Board. Although the visiting expatriate will not be paid any remuneration by the local company, tax clearance is still required. A local sponsor who is the authorised signatory of the company making the application, normally a Manager or a Director, is required to sign a Personal Bond for the air-ticket fare.

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