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  • What constitutes working in Malaysia

You are deemed working when you have your own office, carry a name card with the local address and sign documents on behalf of the company. You would need a work permit. You can only carry one pass at one time

  • What are the basic criteria for application to be accepted by the Immigration Department?

Work permit is granted to the Company and not the individual. The company shall comply with the paid up capital requirement set by the Immigration Dept and at the same time the applicant shall have the necessary qualification and experience to justify for the position.

  • Can I renew my work permit after two years?

Yes, it is renewable but it is not automatic renewal. The applicant is expected to go through the same process as in first application. Generally, approval shall be granted for another two years if the applicant is not blacklisted by the Immigration Dept. for whatever reason.

  • Can I get dependent pass for my wife and children?

Yes, it is normally granted together with the approval of the employment pass given the proof of relationship by marriage certificate and birth certificate where relevant.

  • Can I apply for a Permanent Residency in Malaysia?

Yes, you can apply for Permanent Resident status after 5 years of work permit in Malaysia going through the point system recently implemented by the government.

  • Can I apply for a Malaysian driving license?

If you have a license from your country of resident, you can convert it to a Malaysian license. Depending on your position in the company and your nationality, the application will be submitted to the JPJ, Putrajaya for processing and approval. Please refer to the page on Driving license application for more details.

  • Can I set up my own company to sponsor my work permit?

Yes, please refer to our notes on company set up in the same website.

  • Can I open a bank account without the work permit?

No, most banks would need you to have a work permit of at least 6 months before you can open a bank account. However, you can open a bank account under the company’s name if you a company incorporated before processing of your work permit.

  • What is the typical time line for company set up and work permit process in Malaysia?

The process starts with company incorporation which normally takes within one week and opening of bank account within the next one week before work permit can be submitted at the Immigration Dept. that takes about two weeks to complete the process. Therefore, for a straight forward application, it is normally completed within one month or one and a half month.

  • Does your company handle all the above needed at a reasonable price?

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