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1. Dependant Pass

This facility is accorded to families of Expatriate Officials.

2. Who are eligible for the Dependant Pass?

  1. Husband/wife.
  2. Children under the age of 21.
  3. Handicapped/disabled children.
  4. Legally adopted children.

3. Application Procedures

The application for the Dependant Pass can be submitted together with the application for the Employment Pass or after the application for the Employment Pass has been approved.

4. Supporting documents for the application of the Dependant Pass

  1.     Cover letter and Letter of Authority from the company.
  2.     Form with recent passport size photograph.
  3.    Proof of relationship with the Expatriate (a translated copy has to be certified by an Embassy official if the document is neither written in English nor in the Malay Language).
  4.     A photocopy of the complete Dependant’s Passport (Two copies for PRC citizens)
  5.     A photocopy of the complete Expatriate’s Passport.

5. Fees Charged

  1. Pass – RM90.00 per year or part thereof.
  2. Processing fee – RM50.00.
  3. Journey Performed Visa Fee – RM500.00 (if relevant).

Visa fee – according to the nationality of the individual.

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