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Study and Work Permit in Malaysia

The Malaysian Government has introduced a simplified and hassle-free entry procedure to welcome foreign students. Though a visa is required but the procedure is very simple i.e. students DO NOT need to apply directly for the visa from the Malaysian Missions in your country in order to enter Malaysia instead the visa will be issued to them upon their arrival in Malaysia at the immigration

Student Pass Application Process
The process to apply for a student pass is simple. The Malaysian educational institutions of higher learning which offer international students a place to study at their institutions will apply for the Student Pass on their behalf in Malaysia. Applications will be submitted by the educational institutions to the Director of Pass & Permit Division, Malaysia.

Students do not need to apply directly to the Immigration Department under this procedure. The prospective students will be informed of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through their educational institutions.  This information is imparted within 7 days of the application, irrespective of whether the application has been successful or not.

Therefore, students are not required to apply for a visa/student pass from the Malaysian Embassy/consulate office abroad before proceeding to Malaysia. The educational institutions which enroll the students are responsible to make the necessary arrangement pertaining to immigration matters.

The expiration date of the student pass and visa indicate the length of time you are allowed to stay in Malaysia. The Student Pass is normally valid for 1-year or less, single or multiple entries visas and has to be extended accordingly.

Documents Required For Students Pass in Malaysia

The Immigration Department requires seven (7) days to process the application. The documents are as follows:

  • An offer letter or letter of acceptance from the educational institution to the student.
  • Student Pass Application Form (IMM14) in duplicate.
  • Two photocopies of the students Passport / Travel Document.
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the student.
  • The educational institution is required to sign a ‘Personal Bond’ on behalf of the students. No fee is charged for the Personal Bond.

Payment For Student Pass/Visa

The Malaysian Immigration Department charges all students a fee of RM60 per year for student passes. Additionally, students who come from countries where entry visas into Malaysia are required will need to pay for an entry visa in Malaysia.
The fees for entry visas vary.  Please check with the Malaysian Embassy in your home country for further information.

Work Permit in Malaysia

Students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week only during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days; in Restaurants, Petrol Kiosks, Mini Markets and Hotels as long as the Student Pass remains valid. Students are not permitted to work as a cashier. In addition, in the hotel sector, students are not allowed to work as singer, masseur, musician, GRO and other activities deemed to be considered immoral as per the Malaysian law. Application to work part-time must be made through the educational institution in which the student is studying.

Documents Required For Work Permit in Malaysia:

  • Visa Application Form filled completely and duly signed by the applicant.
  • The Applicant should have a passport valid for at least 9 months from the date of entry into Malaysia.
  • Two passport-size recent photographs (35 mm width x 45 mm height) against a white background pasted and not stapled on the application form.
  • A typed covering letter from the applicant stating the purpose of visit.
  • Letter from the company / institution in Malaysia.
  • A Work Permit Approval from the Immigration Department in Malaysia (in original).
    Please note this Approval Copy is received in a sealed envelope and should not be opened by the Applicant
  • Confirmed air ticket.
  • Original copy of VDR Approval Letter from Malaysian Immigration Department
  • An entry visa is issued, and period of stay is granted at the time of entry into Malaysia.

** Processing time is strictly 3 working days.

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