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Visa All foreign students are required to obtain an Entry Visa BEFORE entering Malaysia. Application for a visa can be made at any Immigration  Office, Malaysian Consulate, High Commission Office or Embassy in the country of origin of the student. Should you accept the offer for admission, please make necessary arrangements to apply for the entry visa from the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate.

Failure to enter Malaysia with an entry visa will result in paying an additional fee to the Immigration Office when applying for Student Pass. If you enter Malaysia without an entry visa, the immigration official at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or any other entry points would allow you to enter the country with a short social visit pass / Visa on Arrival / VOA (for certain countries only). To legalize your long stay at the university, you will need to convert the short social visit pass to a student pass.

There will be a fee of RM500.00 + Visa charges (for those who do not have an Entry VISA from the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate BEFORE entering Malaysia) imposed on you by the Immigration Department for the processing fee of Journey Performed Visa (JP Visa).

NOTES: The student pass application will be processed AFTER the registration and will take about 1 month AT LEAST for the Malaysian Immigration Department approval.

All students who have LESS than 1 month before the expiry date of their visa during the registration day shall bear all the costs of penalty incurred for processing their visa and student pass (in case of overstay).

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