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If you intend to start a Small Enterprise(Sole Proprietorship) then you cando it yourself(DIY) as the procedure is very simple and easy. This is maybe because the Malaysia government encourage people to be  an entrepreneur and take control on their own financial life. There is NO NEED to use any agent to help you out with the registration as the process is very simple.

1.  If you in Kuala Lumpur then visit SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia), Companies Commission of Malaysia  at The Mall, opposite PWTC in Kuala Lumpur.

The SSM office have shift their office from second floor to 16th floor. It is a good moves as you will not see any agent soliciting register new company services at 16th floor.

2. Take the Forms at the Counter

3. Fill Up all the details required. If you are not sure then look at the notice board as it got completed sample form on how to fill up.

4. Once the form is fill up completely then take a Queue number at the same counter. The officer will check whether the forms is complete before giving the queue number.

5. Wait for Your queue number and the waiting time is depend on the crowd on that day.

6. When your queue number is called, the officer will perform a name search to determine availability of your required company names.

7. Once you agreed on the company name then paid the charges.

8. Come back in a hour time to collect your business certificate.

What are the disadvantages of sole proprietorship / partnership? 

  • Unlimited liabilities - You will have to personally liable and responsible for all the debts of your business.
  • Sole proprietorship will most likely be ceased or closed down immediately once the owner passed away.
  • The acts by a partner within the partnership are responsibility of all other partners.
  • If any business decision from any partner has caused huge losses to the business, all partners are jointly responsible for the losses.

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